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2014-07-09Switch sqlite to the new icu.Elliott Hughes
2014-05-23Remove deprecated WITH_HOST_DALVIK.Ian Rogers
2013-07-23add static dependency on liblogColin Cross
2013-03-06am b4e9e379: Merge "fix build problem, when #define ENABLE_ANDROID_LOG 1"Elliott Hughes
2013-03-06fix build problem, when #define ENABLE_ANDROID_LOG 1Hyejin Kim
2013-02-25Remove GET_PHONEBOOK_INDEX callbackJay Shrauner
2013-02-05Fix contacts index labels for i18nJay Shrauner
2012-05-01am 38d33f70: am 1eabc582: Merge "GetPhonebookIndex: Fix handling for minor Ja...Jean-Baptiste Queru
2012-01-06Rename (IF_)LOGE(_IF) to (IF_)ALOGE(_IF) DO NOT MERGESteve Block
2012-01-03Rename (IF_)LOGD(_IF) to (IF_)ALOGD(_IF) DO NOT MERGESteve Block
2011-12-18GetPhonebookIndex: Fix handling for minor Japanese kana charactersYutaro Ogasawara
2011-07-07Allow _DELETE_FILE trigger to delete files on secondary external storageMike Lockwood
2011-01-12Revert "Allow _DELETE_FILE trigger to delete files in /data/media"Mike Lockwood
2011-01-06DO NOT MERGE. Adding a custom function to support legacy API compatibilityDmitri Plotnikov
2010-11-15Update to new Unicode.h includesKenny Root
2010-10-05Allow _DELETE_FILE trigger to delete files in /data/mediaMike Lockwood
2010-09-15resolved conflicts for merge of 90f23688 to masterJesse Wilson
2010-09-14Support sqlite on the dalvikvm host build.Jesse Wilson
2010-08-24Fix problem with const result from strchr() [DO NOT MERGE]Mike Lockwood
2010-08-18Put digits into an own segment with the title #Daniel Lehmann
2010-05-19Fix problem with const result from strchr()Mike Lockwood
2010-03-18Add PHONEBOOK_COLLATOR toward SQLite so that database users are able to sort ...Daisuke Miyakawa
2010-03-17Remove getPhoneticallySortableString() and its SQLite variant, both of which ...Daisuke Miyakawa
2010-03-12Read external storage name from EXTERNAL_STORAGE variable.Ray Chen
2010-03-04Changing the phone book index for Japanese word "other"Dmitri Plotnikov
2010-03-03Implementing traditional grouping of Hiragana characters in contacts listsDmitri Plotnikov
2010-03-03Introducing a new SQLite extension function: GET_PHONEBOOK_INDEXDmitri Plotnikov
2009-10-23bug #2180646: make comparing "404-04" and "40404" return true in the native s...Wei Huang
2009-09-21fix failing test.Wei Huang
2009-09-20make native sqlite phone_number_compare_loosely use MIN_MATCH of 7 instead of 5.Wei Huang
2009-09-20Small changeDaisuke Miyakawa
2009-09-20Revert the default phone number comparation algorithm.Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-09-02Fix the implementation of phone_number_compare in accordance with the tests i...Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-08-31Merge change 23409 into donutAndroid (Google) Code Review
2009-09-01Avoid a buffer overrun in GET_NORMALIZED_STRING.Jeff Hamilton
2009-08-31fix bug 2015059: where the native sqlite comparison method phone_number_compa...Wei Huang
2009-07-20One more test, which is succesful (and should be successful), but unexpectedl...Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-07-20Fix a bug in which "16\d+6" matches 166 and the number is handled as Thailand...Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-07-10Oops! I was totally misunderstanding what was going wrong!!Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-07-10Make sim-ang not corrupt when building PhoneticUtilsTest.cppDaisuke Miyakawa
2009-07-09quick fixDaisuke Miyakawa
2009-07-09Make PhoneticStringUtils use functions in String8 instead of using locally de...Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-07-07"Rewrite" PhoneNumberUtil so that it compares two phone strings using as many...Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-07-07Revert ""Rewrite" PhoneNumberUtil so that it compares two phone strings using...Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-06-26"Rewrite" PhoneNumberUtil so that it compares two phone strings using as many...Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-06-22Remove libsqlite3_phonetic_string_utils_test from tests buildSriram Raman
2009-05-19Added 'tag' column to SQLite _TOKENIZE function.Bjorn Bringert
2009-05-18Hand merge from cupcake_dcm from donut, part 1.Daisuke Miyakawa
2009-05-14Add token_index column to _TOKENIZE table.Bjorn Bringert
2009-05-06Don't allow '/../' to be part of the path for delete file triggers.Marco Nelissen