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2015-10-12sqlite: upgrade to SQLite - DO NOT MERGErk32/mid/5.1/developJon Larimer
2015-01-14Revert "Store inodes in unsigned long long"Narayan Kamath
2014-11-19Store inodes in unsigned long longMartin Storsjo
2014-08-20Upgrade SQLite to v3.8.6.Jeff Brown
2014-07-10Switch sqlite/dist to the new icu.Elliott Hughes
2014-06-06sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.8.5Nick Kralevich
2014-05-29sqlite: upgrade to SQLite Kralevich
2014-05-28resolved conflicts for merge of f7e7b75f to masterIan Rogers
2014-05-28am 8aa61a9d: Merge "Remove deprecated WITH_HOST_DALVIK."Ian Rogers
2014-05-23Remove deprecated WITH_HOST_DALVIK.Ian Rogers
2014-05-08resolved conflicts for merge of dd893338 to masterYing Wang
2014-05-07am d96331d5: Merge "Remove unused LOCAL_LDLIBS."Ying Wang
2014-05-07Remove unused LOCAL_LDLIBS.Ying Wang
2014-03-03am 6ecc6e17: am e6db643f: am f6d9fa68: am 20f7eeb8: am 9ff7db77: am f764dbb5:...Nick Kralevich
2014-03-03am e6db643f: am f6d9fa68: am 20f7eeb8: am 9ff7db77: am f764dbb5: disable fts3...Nick Kralevich
2014-03-03am f6d9fa68: am 20f7eeb8: am 9ff7db77: am f764dbb5: disable fts3_tokenizerNick Kralevich
2014-03-03am 20f7eeb8: am 9ff7db77: am f764dbb5: disable fts3_tokenizerNick Kralevich
2014-03-03am 9ff7db77: am f764dbb5: disable fts3_tokenizerNick Kralevich
2014-02-28Regenerate Android.patchNick Kralevich
2014-02-28disable fts3_tokenizerNick Kralevich
2014-02-28disable fts3_tokenizerNick Kralevich
2014-02-24Enable ICU support in SQLite.Jeff Brown
2013-09-05Don't call malloc_usable_size() for host builds.Ben Cheng
2013-09-04Define HAVE_MALLOC_USABLE_SIZE to use the existing feature in dlmallocBen Cheng
2013-07-08am 11ce9fa9: Merge "Fix for fts backward compatibility of previous commit"Jean-Baptiste Queru
2013-05-23Fix for fts backward compatibility of previous commityi.jang
2013-05-02am a85c748b: Merge "Tracking changes to *-host for host shared libraries"Brian Carlstrom
2013-05-01Tracking changes to *-host for host shared librariesBrian Carlstrom
2013-04-09Add liblogYing Wang
2013-02-07Merge changes Ieecda65d,Idf3cbdabJeffrey Brown
2012-12-27Fix bugs of database corruption following IO error on systems supporting atom...Yongil Jang
2012-12-10Fix bugs of sqlite that returns SIGBUS on disk full in WAL
2012-12-06Change android fix for fts backward compatibility patch of sqlite3.c for
2012-06-14Add more logging to track down disk I/O errors.Jeff Brown
2012-05-11Enable the powersafe overwrite assumption.Jeff Brown
2012-04-19Upgrade to SQLite 3.7.11.Jeff Brown
2012-04-19Extract Android diffs.Jeff Brown
2012-03-26Changed default mode for journal files created by sqlite.Geremy Condra
2012-02-29Use fdatasync() to improve performance.Jeff Brown
2012-01-26Reintroduce support for TCL-style substitutions.Jeff Brown
2012-01-19Tweak SQLite configuration options.Jeff Brown
2012-01-19Remove custom SQLITE_UNCLOSED error code.Jeff Brown
2012-01-19Fix pread64 / pwrite64 signatures for Bionic.Jeff Brown
2012-01-19Upgrade SQLite to 3.7.10.Jeff Brown
2011-08-26Use pread64 instead of lseek/readKenny Root
2011-07-11Remove the simulator target from all makefiles.Jeff Brown
2011-03-03fix broken buildVasu Nori
2011-03-02resolved conflicts for merge of bd4d2cb1 to masterEd Heyl
2011-03-02am 41a36383: Merge "The SDK toolchain doesn\'t include readline or history. d...David Turner
2011-03-01Removing references to readline to fix build on GubuntuJustin Ho