BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
rk32/mid/5.1/developsf:optimize the rate of MPEG4Write for only one trackRockchip5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-10-20sf:optimize the rate of MPEG4Write for only one trackrk32/mid/5.1/developRockchip
2015-10-17sf:commit the file for last commitRockchip
2015-10-16sf:add interface to control encorder frameRate for screenrecordRockchip
2015-10-14sf:fix macro for last commitRockchip
2015-10-12sf:force to use hevc soft decode for 3188Rockchip
2015-10-12sf:fix media id3 cts for secure patchRockchip
2015-10-10sf:fix metaData bugs for last commitsRockchip
2015-10-08stagefright:merge google secure patch bulletin-2015-15Rockchip
2015-10-08stagefright:merge google secure patch bulletin-2015-14Rockchip
2015-09-30delete some marcos defined by ffplayerRockchip