AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-20sf:optimize the rate of MPEG4Write for only one trackrk32/mid/5.1/developRockchip
2015-10-17sf:commit the file for last commitRockchip
2015-10-16sf:add interface to control encorder frameRate for screenrecordRockchip
2015-10-14sf:fix macro for last commitRockchip
2015-10-12sf:force to use hevc soft decode for 3188Rockchip
2015-10-12sf:fix media id3 cts for secure patchRockchip
2015-10-10sf:fix metaData bugs for last commitsRockchip
2015-10-08stagefright:merge google secure patch bulletin-2015-15Rockchip
2015-10-08stagefright:merge google secure patch bulletin-2015-14Rockchip
2015-09-30delete some marcos defined by ffplayerRockchip
2015-09-30media:fix midi cts when use ffplayerRockchip
2015-09-30fix qq videoRockchip
2015-09-17Camera:fix Cts issue for RK312xRockchip
2015-09-15media:for some apk,bypassing sf_player when USE_FFPLAYER was definedRockchip
2015-09-15media:fix netflix cant playRockchip
2015-09-15media:fix hevc-ts dont play fluently after seekingRockchip
2015-09-15media:fix getThumbNail for 312x hevc softdecRockchip
2015-09-15media:fix rk312x software decoderRockchip
2015-09-12media:Force to use software decoder for 312x hevcRockchip
2015-09-07media cts: for cts,dont bypass nuplayer when playing .apk fileRockchip
2015-08-20fix MPEG4Extractor duration for media ctsRockchip
2015-08-17merge Zimperium patches to fix sf vulnerabilityRockchip
2015-08-10Fix several ineffective integer overflow checksJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Fix integer overflow during MP4 atom processingJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Detect allocation failures and bail gracefullyJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10MPEG4Extractor: still more NULL dereference fixesJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Fix integer underflow in ESDS processingJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Fix null-pointer-dereferences accessing the SampleTableJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Fix multiple division-by-zero conditions in MPEG4 parsingJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Prevent integer overflow when processing covr MPEG4 atomsJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Fix integer overflow when handling MPEG4 tx3g atomJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Prevent integer underflow if size is below 6Joshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Fix integer underflow in covr MPEG4 processingJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Prevent reading past the end of the buffer in 3GPPJoshua J. Drake
2015-08-10Revert "merge google sf patch to fix some security breach"Rockchip
2015-08-10merge google sf patch to fix some security breachRockchip
2015-07-30remove ape player and use ffplayer for apeRockchip
2015-07-10modify interface of rkffplayerRockchip
2015-07-07player : default close the compile of FFPlayersmj
2015-07-01MediaServer: Force MediaServer as a SP_FOREGROUND process_policyRockchip
2015-06-23add mjpeg and flv1 codec for AcodecRockchip
2015-06-15Add support of ChannelMasks for CSV record.Kuan Han
2015-06-08libmediaplayerservice: set BUILD_FF_PALYER := falseRockchip
2015-05-30Use StagefrightMetadataRetriever when FF_PLAYERRockchip
2015-05-28MediaProfiles: invalid code of delaying 5s for media_profiles.xmlRockchip
2015-05-28fix the Divice descriptor for midsmj
2015-05-28audiopolicy : fix the spdif passthrough error when first power onsmj
2015-05-26camera: fix front camera can not open when systemui torch opened.Rockchip
2015-05-26fix coding comments for patent-scan reasonRockchip
2015-05-23audio policy: donnot reuse the audio device for box strategysmj