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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-11 Android 5.1.0 release 1Rockchip
2014-12-04show only one icon on launcherRockchip
2014-11-27show Camera2 on Launcher and not force api1 in the apkRockchip
2014-10-08Use a separate activity for capture intentsPuneet Lall
2014-10-03Use singleTask to improve unsecure lockscreen startupPuneet Lall
2014-09-11Move launcher icons to mipmapAlan Newberger
2014-08-19Update AOSP Camera product iconAlan Newberger
2014-08-13New Material icons for Camera2Alan Newberger
2014-08-07rollback of b/16632474 and ag/518674Spike Sprague
2014-07-28AndroidManifest formatting cleanupSpike Sprague
2014-07-24ripple drawable on shutter buttonSpike Sprague
2014-07-22filmstip quantumificationSpike Sprague
2014-03-11Spring cleaning. Throwing out old cruft.Sascha Haeberling
2014-02-14Settings Activity needs existant label.Sascha Haeberling
2014-02-11New Settings UI and video quality selection logic.Sascha Haeberling
2013-12-10Target only K devices and up, explicitely.Sascha Haeberling
2013-12-06Change the home logo and the behavior of actionbarAngus Kong
2013-11-21Introduce common services and integrate Refocus end-to-end.Sascha Haeberling
2013-11-05Fix the RTL layout in the app's manifest.ztenghui
2013-10-30Remove CameraUtil.launchGallery, ensure SecureCamera uses Gallery up iconAlan Newberger
2013-10-03Merge "Sync Camera2 permissions to GoogleCamera permissions." into gb-ub-phot...Sascha Haeberling
2013-10-02Sync Camera2 permissions to GoogleCamera permissions.Sascha Haeberling
2013-10-01Deactivate the backup agent in Camera2Sascha Haeberling
2013-09-30Change crop label to avoid aapt dump badging from failing.Sascha Haeberling
2013-09-25Use Camcorder label and icon for video camera activity.Mangesh Ghiware
2013-09-24Don't expose the Camera crop intent.Sascha Haeberling
2013-09-19Add crop activitynicolasroard
2013-09-18Make Up button in filmstrip go to Gallery.Mangesh Ghiware
2013-09-03Use app_name label now that we have the correct translations.Sascha Haeberling
2013-08-30Merge "Automatic versioning for Camera." into gb-ub-photos-carlsbadSascha Haeberling
2013-08-28Automatic versioning for Camera.Sascha Haeberling
2013-08-27Use the well-translated camera_label instead of app_name.Sascha Haeberling
2013-08-16Merge "Add back intent-filter for default category and main action." into gb-...Mangesh Ghiware
2013-08-16Add back intent-filter for default category and main action.Mangesh Ghiware
2013-08-14Add back DisableCameraReceiverMangesh Ghiware
2013-08-13Add activity-alias for Camera.Mangesh Ghiware
2013-08-13Fix video capture intent handlingDoris Liu
2013-08-12Update app name to "Camera" before merging to KLP.Sascha Haeberling
2013-08-09Clean up Gallery codes.Angus Kong
2013-08-06This removes all non-Camera stuff from Camera2.Sascha Haeberling
2013-07-16Add background processing servicenicolasroard
2013-06-27Bump up the version number to 1.1.40030Bart Sears
2013-05-28Fix XML comment.Jeff Sharkey
2013-05-21am a83166df: Bump up the version number to 1.1.40012Bart Sears
2013-05-20Bump up the version number to 1.1.40012Bart Sears
2013-05-08Remove new camera activity to avoid build breakageDoris Liu
2013-04-26am 5ed7c697: (-s ours) Merge "Remove new camera activity code from Bryce" int...Doris Liu
2013-04-25Remove new camera activity code from BryceDoris Liu
2013-04-22Bump up the version number to 1.1.40011Bart Sears
2013-04-19Remove photos from gallery2 manifestJohn Reck