BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
rk32/mid/5.1/developMerge "Complete provisioning, and complete provisioning again."Jean-Baptiste Queru7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-03-26Merge "Complete provisioning, and complete provisioning again."rk32/mid/5.1/developJean-Baptiste Queru
2013-03-12Complete provisioning, and complete provisioning again.Jean-Baptiste Queru
2012-09-25Update references to migrated global settings.Jeff Brown
2011-10-19Maybe fix issue #5483324: full builds getting stuck on black screenDianne Hackborn
2010-09-29Fix proguard flag file dependency.Ying Wang
2010-03-09Enable Proguard on Provision.Ying Wang
2010-03-08Add an empty CleanSpec.mkJean-Baptiste Queru
2010-02-19Fix proguard flags.Ying Wang
2010-02-12Merge "Add an original-package tag that matches the real package name."Jeff Hamilton
2010-02-11Add an original-package tag that matches the real package name.Jeff Hamilton