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2013-03-26Merge "Complete provisioning, and complete provisioning again."rk32/mid/5.1/developJean-Baptiste Queru
2013-03-12Complete provisioning, and complete provisioning again.Jean-Baptiste Queru
Because once is not enough. Bug: 7546122 Change-Id: Ic4472d517be622f176807f175f9f7df41d286647
2012-09-25Update references to migrated global settings.Jeff Brown
Bug: 7231172 Change-Id: I5a198b4033c111fbfdd185e4a93774451b8e31ed
2011-10-19Maybe fix issue #5483324: full builds getting stuck on black screenDianne Hackborn
Provisioning app should just finish, not kill itself. This does not impact the normal device image, which does not include this app. Change-Id: I483289d140efa8772b0566f065b31cdd2810d7a9
2010-09-29Fix proguard flag file dependency.Ying Wang
Change-Id: Ie0d23dbc6e8f6d4d17ce1111de51cb5695d7acdd
2010-03-09Enable Proguard on Provision.Ying Wang
Change-Id: Ie414908ba633b8a3664d1e6bc9f8792a8b04d15e
2010-03-08Add an empty CleanSpec.mkJean-Baptiste Queru
Change-Id: Ib52400c8c90047aba6bfc0d16d4874cdba1ce115
2010-02-19Fix proguard flags.Ying Wang
2010-02-12Merge "Add an original-package tag that matches the real package name."Jeff Hamilton
2010-02-11Add an original-package tag that matches the real package name.Jeff Hamilton
Change-Id: I4c03bb764a9d5fe6a998b9da345729ee186f1159
2010-02-11am 001eb417: Merge from open-source masterJean-Baptiste Queru
Merge commit '001eb417d9cc6abc7478fc3e0528b74f8289a758' * commit '001eb417d9cc6abc7478fc3e0528b74f8289a758':
2010-02-11Merge from open-source masterJean-Baptiste Queru
2010-01-05explicit set an "optional" tagJean-Baptiste Queru
2009-12-16Merge from open-source masterJean-Baptiste Queru
Change-Id: I61c25b1a833960ec83f0f92b7bf775c767f00f45
2009-10-12new project, first commitandroid-build SharedAccount
2009-09-28Initial version of a provisioning app.Jean-Baptiste Queru
Currently only sets up the provisioned bit. Derived from development/apps/SdkSetup, adapted to be usable on devices without security concerns.
2009-09-28Initial commitJean-Baptiste Queru