BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
rk32/mid/5.1/developSoftapController support RK90x wifi chipRockchip5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-06-01SoftapController support RK90x wifi chiprk32/mid/5.1/developRockchip
2015-03-11 Android 5.1.0 release 1Rockchip
2015-03-05Sofap for ESP8089Rockchip
2015-03-05Revert "change for ESP8089"Rockchip
2015-03-04change for ESP8089Rockchip
2015-02-28support different wifi bt chip auto compatibleRockchip
2015-01-09exit instead of returning when execv()ing clatd fails.Lorenzo Colitti
2014-12-10merge in lmp-mr1-release history after reset to lmp-mr1-devThe Android Automerger
2014-12-08Re-add netd support for enabling IPv6 optimistic mode.Erik Kline
2014-12-05Revert "Merge "Add netd support for configuring IPv6 optimistic mode." into l...Erik Kline