BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
rk32/mid/5.0/developQuery iep capabilities in current socRockchip4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-09-23Query iep capabilities in current socrk32/mid/5.0/developRockchip
2015-09-01IEP: support 4k yuv denoise.Rockchip
2015-04-20LIBIEP: solve, fault rga configuration when iommu enable.Rockchip
2015-04-17LIBIEP: Do not trigger abort when get iommu state failed.Rockchip
2015-04-16LIBIEP: enable contrastion mode for yuv denoise.Rockchip
2015-04-10LIBIEP: enable contrastion mode.Rockchip
2015-01-06IEP: compatible adjust for 32bits and 64bits system.Rockchip
2014-12-10use correct api of vpuRockchip
2014-11-19fix iep compile error on 5.0Rockchip
2014-04-22rk3288 iep, add a yuv denoise interfaceRockchip