BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
stable-3.10-rk3288-fusedi2c: rockchip: fix power off issue for rk818Rockchip5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-11-02i2c: rockchip: fix power off issue for rk818stable-3.10-rk3288-fusedRockchip
2015-10-23video: rockchip: hdmi: 3288/3368: set ddc clock to 50KHz.Rockchip
2015-10-23video: rockchip: hdmi: fix parsing 1st block edidRockchip
2015-10-22video: rockchip: display-sys: Add the same display interface device naming co...Rockchip
2015-10-22rk_fb: add extern screen open iommu, when dual screen display using iommuRockchip
2015-10-22video: rockchip: fb: delele obsolete code for boxRockchip
2015-10-22video: rockchip: lcdc: 3288: set iommu_status to 0, when all layer closedRockchip
2015-10-22video: rockchip: fb: vop driver struct select depend on lcdc id from extent s...Rockchip
2015-10-21hdmi: hdmi_submit_work function support synchronous operation.Rockchip