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mastermmc-utils: support FFU for eMMC v5.0Rockchip6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-04-09mmc-utils: support FFU for eMMC v5.0HEADmasterRockchip
2013-09-25Don't use u8 for fields with more than 1 byteOliver Metz
2013-09-25Add defines for ext_csd field MAX_ENH_SIZE_MULTOliver Metz
2013-09-25support setting the OTP write reliability settingsBen Gardiner
2013-09-25pretty print write reliability settingsBen Gardiner
2013-09-25extract PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETE functionBen Gardiner
2013-06-27support setting the OTP enhanced user area parametersBen Gardiner
2013-06-27print KiB sizes for some fieldsBen Gardiner
2013-06-27report if card is block-addressed and effect on ENH_START_ADDRBen Gardiner
2013-06-27fix printing ENH_START_ADDRBen Gardiner