BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
rkproductrk emmc: tunning and ddr mode api support.Rockchip5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-10-21rk emmc: tunning and ddr mode api support.rkproductRockchip
2015-10-13rk boot: commandline logo information depend on logo on state from kernel dtb.Rockchip
2015-10-12hdmi: 3288/3368: support parse phy setting from dtsRockchip
2015-10-12rk charge: enter charge depend on reboot type and charge state.Rockchip
2015-10-12video: lcdc: rk3036/rk312x: update grf config for lcdc0_hsyncRockchip
2015-10-12rk hdmi: paramer memory depend on CONFIG_RKHDMI_PARAM_ADDR, no need copy base...Rockchip
2015-10-12hdmi: 3128: fix error of input/output color configurationRockchip
2015-10-08hdmi: 312x: use same video paramter with 3288Rockchip
2015-10-08hdmi: 3288: set ddc clk to 50KHzRockchip
2015-10-08tve: 312x: set lcdc output modeRockchip